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Smash EDO Summer of Resistance 2012

Citizens' Weapons Inspection poster

Citizens' Weapons Inspection poster

Citizens' Weapons Inspection flyer back

Citizens' Weapons Inspection flyer back

Summer of Resistance flyer

Summer of Resistance flyer

Flyer back

Summer of Resistance flyer (back)


Summer of Resistance sticker


Summer of Resistance pamphlet

Summer of Resistance pamphlet

Hammertime poster/sticker

Hammetime Flyer - Front | Back
If I had a hammer – Decommissioning the arms Trade
A 26 page pamphlet in support of the decommissioning of EDO MBM in January 2009 during the bombing of Gaza. The pamphlet includes accounts by people who took part in the action and articles about EDO’s supply of weapons to Israel and from Trident Ploughshares and the Free Gaza movement.- version to read on the web
Colour Leaflet
(2010) – Download the generic Smash

EDO flyer containing basic points about EDO-MBM and the campaign against them. A4, two sides, colour, pdf, 1.4Mb.
ITT & EDO – EDO are being taken over by another US arms firm ITT. Find out ITT’s links with Hitler, Pinochet and Franco – and where their UK offices are! A4, two sided, b&w, pdf, 93kb.
Smash EDO Sticker
Civilian Casualties in Iraq – A full copy of the famous Lancet report, which puts civilian casualties of the war in Iraq at 100,000 at a ‘conservate estimate’.

Old Stuff:

General Leaflet (2005) – EDO Kill Kids For Cash – We Can Stop Them!
Support the Decommissioners flyer – Front | Back
Remember Gaza – Mass Demo Flyer/Poster
Two sided colour flyer for 18th January 2010. 1.9Mb pdf file
Mayday! Mayday! – In May 2009 Smash EDO held a Mayday! Street Party against war and greed
SHUT ITT – In October 2008 Smash EDO held a mass demo from Sussex University.
Carnival against the Arms Trade – On June 4th 2008 Smash EDO held a national demo/carnival against EDO and the arms trade in general. Download the two-sided A4 colour flyer in pdf format (1.4 meg)
Protest Camp 2007 Poster
Colour Leaflet
17th March 2010 Barclays flyer, Noise Demo Flyer/Poster, Gig Flyer/Poster

Video & Audio

Trailer for ‘On the Verge’ – The Smash EDO Campaign film
Shit Happens
– ITT are paid a visit on the day they take over EDO MBM
EDO Trilogy – triple bill of films about the response by the Smash EDO camaign to the Israeli bombing of Lebanon
Every Death an Opportunity – short film about EDO and the campaign against them.
Smash EDO Noisy Noise Demo – Smash EDO making some noise on 30th May 2007.
The ‘Oh Dude’ Massacre – raw unedited footage from an F-16 gun camera as the pilot bombs a crowd of civilians in Fallujah. Shows the dehumanised face of modern war.
Indymedia Radio from May 31st Demo – Recorded live at the demo, includes interviews with participants and arrests – including the Indymedia journalist making the recording!
‘Noise Annoys’ hi lo – SchNEWS took a trip up to one of the smashEDO demos recently and bumped into an old mate – Mark Thomas.


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Newsletter Issue #6 July ’05
Newsletter Issue #5 May/June ’05
Newsletter Issue #4 March ’05
Newsletter Issue #3 February ’05
Newsletter Issue #2.5 Christmas ’04
Newsletter Issue #2 December ’04
Newsletter Issue #1 November ’04


In April 2005 EDO MBM applied for a civil injunction restricting protest outside EDO MBM. Campaigners fought against the injuunction in the High Court and, in 2006, EDO’s case collapsed resulting in the lifting of the injunction. Here are some of the original papers from the case.
Interim injunction judgement - On 29th April 2005 Judge Gross granted an interim injunction. Here’s the text of his judgement.
Preliminary Issues Trial judgement – In November 2005 Judge Walker ruled on the part of the defendants defence which related to a defense of ‘prevention of crime’. The issues considered relate to whether there was nexus between the defendants actions and the prevention of war crimes in Iraq and Palestine. David Perry attended as a party in the case on behalf of the Attorney General. EDO MBM denied they sold weapons to Israel.

Final Judgement – Judge Walker’s final order ruling that EDO and their lawyers had abused the process of the court and acted improperly in the case. This judgement lead to the collapse of the injunction and an order for EDO to pay indemnity costs to the defendants (over ¬£35 000 went to individual litigants in person).