Blockade of EDO in Solidarity with Gaza

Early on Wednesday 27th April three activists locked themselves to the Brighton arms factory EDO/ITT, in solidarity with the people of Gaza

Six Palestinians were killed over the bank holiday weekend by Israeli air strikes in Gaza.

EDO is currently working on contracts for supply of weapons umbilical connectors to US firm Lockheed Martin who are incorporating them onto the  new F35 fighter plane, bound for Israel. Paul Hills, EDO, managing  director, has described the function of the connector as “to provide  coordinates to the guidance unit… on the weapon.”

EDO’s connector systems have already resulted in civilian deaths in Afghanistan. In 2009 Royal Dutch Air Force F-16s, equipped with EDO’s FRCS  connectors, killed 52 civilians in a bombing raid in Helmand.

Chloe Marsh, Smash EDO press spokesperson said “During the last month Israel has intensified attacks on Gaza killing over 30 people and there has been talks of the possibility of a second Operation Cast Lead. EDO/ITT are as ever complicit in this slaughter, as many of these attacks have been carried out by F16s equipped with EDO components. Through the new F35 contract, EDO are ensuring that they will continue to profit from Israel’s war crimes far into the future. By accepting these contracts, EDO show beyond a doubt that they are not opposed to supporting Israel’s military machine”

A recently published UNICEF report confirmed that Israel’s military actions in and around Gaza still amount to a siege, with little alleviation of the situation for civilians. The report also revealed that Israel’s siege now puts 1.9 million children at risk of early death, injury or severe psychological harm. See

Blockade of EDO MBM

At 6am on the 14th December 2010 three people locked and glued themselves to the gates of EDO. Staff arrived minutes later and were forced to wait outside for Paul Hills, EDO MD, to turn up.

Hillls, for the umpteenth time, had to angle grind through his fence to get his staff in in the morning.

It seems that Paul doesn’t relish the prospect of his business dealings being scrutinised in court after his gruelling cross examination during the Decommissioners trial this Summer. After a conversation with Hillls, Police left the blockaders to it. After five hours everyone unlocked/glued and left with no arrests.

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Andrew Beckett, campaign spokesperson, said “The government’s spending review made only perfunctory cuts to the defence budget. Every job in the arms trade  is still massively subsidised by the state. The exports made by EDO benefit only the company CEOs. All this at the same time as the government is cutting the education and health budgets and hammering ordinary people’s pensions and benefits.”

“The arms industry makes its money through destroying the lives of civilians abroad whilst the budget cuts target the most vulnerable people here. We say that it is obvious where the budget cuts should be focused – on an arms trade that only benefits the corporations.”