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Anti militarist court solidarity – Cardiff

6th Jan 2015
Time: 9:15am
Date: Tuesday 6th January 2015
Location: Cardiff Magistrates Court
Address: Fitzalan Road, Cardiff CF24 0RZ

Court solidarity demonstration to support two much-loved people who are facing excessively harsh charges for allegedly seeking to disrupt the DPRTE arms fair in Cardiff last year. They stand accused of damaging the luxury goods of arms dealers and organisers with childrens play paint.

There will be a short solidarity demonstration outside the court from 9:15am on Monday 6th January 2015. Antimilitarist banners and well-wishers welcome. Afterwards some of us will be supporting the defendants from the public gallery.

Were you present at the protest against DPRTE Arms Fair at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena in October 2014? Even if you think you didn’t see anything you may be able to provide useful defence evidence as to the nature of the day.
If you think you may be able to help please email:

An open letter to the Argus – Barclays shares in the arms trade


In your article of December 20th about the direct action against Barclays on North Street over the bank’s dealings in arms trade shares you quote a Barclays spokesperson as claiming that Barclays did not own “any shares in Elbit Systems”.

This is simply an attempt by Barclays to evade responsibility for its financial practices.

Barclays PLC is named as a shareholder in some of the world’s largest arms companies, including a massive 4.25% holding in BAE Systems and almost $3 million worth of shares in Elbit Systems.

Barclays Bank profits from investment in the arms trade through providing the Barclays Stockbrokers service, which facilitates the buying and selling of shares, including shares in arms companies. In one of the options offered by Barclays to its UK customers the bank advertises that: “Barclays Stockbrokers will hold your assets on your behalf”. Barclays Stock Brokers’ customers are able to trade in whatever company they like, regardless of Barclays stated ethical policies.

Barclays are trying to brush off public anger about these share holdings by claiming that they are simply held on behalf of Barclays Stockbrokers’ customers and the bank does not determine where customers invest their money. However the bank is profiting from providing the service. According to Barclays Stockbroker’s customer service department the fees for Barclays Stockbrokers’ services include a charge of up to £75 commission for buying or selling shares, a currency conversion charge for trade in shares on foreign markets of 1.5% and a £7.50 charge for automatically reinvesting cash dividends. Barclays also purchases arms trade shares for the purpose of hedging, another form of financial investment.

Barclays have the power to prevent their customers investing in the arms trade by not facilitating the purchase of shares in arms companies through Barclays Stock Brokers. By continuing to profit from enabling these investments they are making a mockery of their own stated policies on investment in the arms trade.

Barclays blockaded over arms trade shares

Today Smash EDO and Brighton Palestine Action blockaded Barclays Bank for an hour before activists were removed. The action was part of a campaign aimed at forcing the bank to have nothing to do with shares in Elbit Systems, Exelis (EDO MBM’s parent company), BAE, Raytheon and other arms companies. It comes a month after a nationwide day of action saw occupations of Barclays in cities across the UK

One person was arrested, who had glued himself to the front doors of the bank. He was dressed as Santa wearing a placard which read ‘Santa says you’ve been a very naughty bank this year’.

Here’s the initial press report from the Argus

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Will the Supreme Court give police the ‘right’ to mass surveillance?


Photo Caption – John Catt, who took a case against the police for storing data on his attendance at protests

The Metropolitan Police and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), with the backing of the Secretary of State, have been fighting a case in the Supreme Court, defending their ‘right’ to store data on protesters. They are appealing against a 2013 judgement, which said that they were obliged to destroy data about an anti-war protester called John Catt. The ruling has implications for the police’s right to store data on everyone. The court has now heard legal arguments and a judgement is expected soon. Continue reading

Saturday Nov 29th: Brighton says “Stop Arming Israel – Boycott Barclays”

Smash EDO supported the day of action against Barclays bank, who invest in Exelis (EDO MBM’s Parent Company), last Saturday. Here’s a report of the Brighton action:
Saturday Nov 29th: Brighton says “Stop Arming Israel – Boycott Barclays”
Saturday 29th November 2014
UN International Day of Solidarity with the People of Palestine

barclays 29 nov 2014 3

Today as part of a nationwide day of action in protest at Barclays holding shares in Elbit Systems, Brighton campaigners did a little bit of theatre inside the bank’s main branch in North Street. Continue reading