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Next demo at EDO, Monday 11th, 4pm

As the massacre in Gaza continues it is up to us to take action! Come along to EDO on Home Farm Road at 4pm on Monday the 11th of August to show your disgust at the arms dealers profiting from death and to call for a two way arms embargo against Israel.

Everyone welcome!

A report from last week’s Gaza demo at EDO

For two hours every Monday during the current Gaza slaughter 40 to 50 people have stood outside Exelis (formerly EDO/MBM) to show their disgust at the workers’ complicity in mass murder.

Last Monday 4th August was our third such demo and we had many local people who’d never been there before but who felt compelled to express their anger and disgust at these war profiteers on their own doorstep.

Demo for Gaza outside EDO Exelis

Unusually the gate was closed throughout except to allow workers out in three discrete “clusters” to run the gauntlet of demonstrators together. Some drivers even covered their faces in various ways to hide their shame – something I’m not sure has been seen in the ten year history of the Smash Edo campaign.

A possible reason for their shame might be that last Monday marked the First Centenary of industrialised, mechanised warfare that defined the last century and I would hope that any Excelis workers who later that evening dutifully switched their lights out and lit a candle for the fallen in WW1 will have reflected on their own involvement in the ongoing and profitable arms dealing industry in which they play a small but essential part in its continuation.


Another demo at EDO as deaths in Gaza increase

Stop Arming Israel banner outside EDO during a demo for Gaza

On Monday 28, as the death toll in Gaza reached 1000, 35 people turned up to yet another demo against the arms dealers EDO in Brighton. Unfurling a huge banner which read ‘Stop Arming Israel’ the crowd made noise and vented their disgust through a megaphone directed at the factory. As the employees left, they were told about the ongoing horror experienced by the people of the Gaza Strip, and the names of  some of the dead were read out.

Guernica banner outside EDO arms factory during Gaza demo

Also present was a big banner depicting Picasso’s Guernica. The banner is part of the Remaking Picasso’s Guernica project -a collaborative sewing project which sees ‘the collaborative process of making as a powerful antidote to the destructive powers of war and violent political systems’. On the day it worked as a powerful reminder of the how massacres have to be resisted.

Demo for Gaza at EDO, Monday 28th, 4pm

The massacre in Gaza continues with the death toll increasing every day. Come along to demand an arms embargo on Israel and to shame the murderous business of the arms dealers.

Meet 3pm at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, if you want to go up to the factory together or go straight to the factory for 4pm. Bring friends, noise and rage.

Loud and angry demo at EDO against massacre in Gaza

Fifty people turned up to a noisy and angry noise demo against EDO’s complicity in the ongoing massacre in Gaza. At the time of the demo 548 Palestinians had died in Gaza since the beginning of the operation the Israeli Occupation Forces are calling ‘Protective Edge’. The numbers have increased since. Approximately 80% of the dead are civilians and 25% children, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Public Health.

Protestors at the demo hung banners, blew whistles, banged pots and pans and addressed the workers through a megaphone. As the clearly agitated workforce was leaving, exits were blocked and there were loud chants of “shame on you” from the crowd (for a short video see Protestors chanting at EDO workers during demo for Gaza).

At one point a message from a family in Gaza was read out. The Abu Zneid family lost their daughter/sister Ma’ather and her cousin Fathem when they were targeted by an Israeli drone as they tried to leave their home for safety elsewhere during operation Cast Lead in 2009.The message to EDO and other arms manufacturers came from Rida, Ma’ather’s sister who were only three metres away from her sister when she was killed. She said:

“Why should they manufacture these weapons to kill innocent people? The should stop and close those factories. They only do it for the money. They get the money and the cost our lives. They should come and live for a day in this area, with the planes and the drones. I don’t know what they would feel”. [quote given to Corporate Watch during a research trip to the Gaza Strip].

The Palestinian Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement has issued a callout for an immediate military embargo on Israel. To read and add your signature to the callout, click here.