Smash EDO Summer of Resistance Week Two begins

We’re already in the second week of Smash EDO’s Summer of Resistance. We kicked off the week with a surprise demo at the factory with punk music blaring from a sound system. No sign of the Old Bill though, who seem determined to maintain a hands off approach. Paul Hills, EDO MBM’s MD seemed none too pleased.

Later in the afternoon activists held a picket and stall outside Barclays Bank on Preston Circus calling for Barclays to divest from the arms trade and to stop providing financial services to ITT, EDO’s parent company.

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Barclays: Divest from Israel and the Arms Trade

Over twenty people turned out to picket Barclays – calling for the bank to divest from Israel and the arms trade and to cease providing financial services to ITT Exelis. We were joined by activists from the World Development Movement protesting against Barclays speculation on food prices. This was be the 4th boycott action that has been called jointly by Jordan Valley Solidarity, B&H Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Smash EDO, and Sussex & Brighton Uni students. We’ve effectivley closed the branch down every time.

Why Barclays? well it:

  • has a  along history of profiting from suffering and war – most people will be aware of their involvement in apartheid South Africa in the 70′s and 80′s.
  • is the only major British high street bank with significant investments in Israel, holding shares in 8 Israeli companies and a number of companies linked to Israel’s illegal settlements.
  • is the largest global investor in the arms trade and holds shares in several companies supplying arms to Israel.
  • Provides market maker services to ITT Exelis on the New York Stock Exchange


Occupation of Barclays – 10/3/12

An occupation and mock trial was held in the Barclays bank branch on North Street, Brighton to demonstrate against Barclays’ investments in the arms trade and in Israeli companies.

Demonstrators occupied the branch for forty minutes before holding a lively demonstration outside calling for a boycott of Barclays until the bank divests from Israel and the arms trade.

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Report of Barclays Picket – Divest from Israel and the arms trade

Over 30 people turned out on Saturday 25th February to demonstrate against Barclays’ investments in the arms trade and in Israeli companies.

The demonstration was called by Brighton Jordan Valley Solidarity, Smash EDO and Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign. After demonstrators arrived security guards, clearly fearing a repeat of UK-Uncut style protests, shut the front doors of the bank and would only grant access to customers who were carrying Barclay Cards.

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Barclays is the largest global investor in the arms trade and is the market maker for arms company ITT Exelis.
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