Blow the whistle demo at EDO

On 28th Jan 2015, we held a demo outside the gates of EDO calling on the workers to spill the beans on the goings-on in the factory. If there are any EDO workers reading, we are always ready to hear from you…

Our action sparks a debate

Our action in December has sparked a debate on the anarchist website, Rabble:

A debate: fighting to win

Back in December an article was posted on this site called “Antimilitarists target Barclays”, about an action where “Barclays Bank in Brighton was forced to briefly close to the public on one of the busiest shopping days before Christmas by people locking themselves to the doors of the branch”. This was announced as part of “a campaign to force Barclays Bank to stop dealing with arms trade shares.”

This article prompted a debate which we are publishing below. There are two articles. First, one called “Fighting to Win”, which raises concerns with the action. Then a response called In defence of the radical anti-militarist movement. Continue reading