Remember Gaza, stop arming Israel, August 29th

Smash EDO will be supporting Brighton PSC’s Remember Gaza event on the 29th of August. See you there!

Day of Action - Saturday 29th August

Join us for an afternoon of remembrance and protest
We have planned two linked events
You are welcome to join us for either or both of them

1pm - 3pm: Boycott Barclays - investors in death
Demonstration outside Barclays Bank, North Street, Brighton

3pm - 4pm: Remembering the people of Gaza
Assemble at the Clock Tower at 3pm for a dignified procession to Hove Peace
Statue, followed by a scattering of flower petals in memory of the more than
2,200 Palestinians killed during the Israeli assault on Gaza one year ago.
Please bring red or white flowers to participate in this event.

This summer we recall Israel’s dreadful assault on Gaza one year ago. In
July-August 2014, over 50 days of relentless bombing, 2,205 Palestinians
(including 521 children) were killed.

Since a ‘ceasefire’ was announced, Israel has continued to attack Gaza. It
refuses to allow essential building materials into the Gaza Strip, leaving the
Palestinians unable to rebuild. Families continue to live among the rubble of
their houses, without electricity or running water. Aid agencies report that
malnutrition is spreading.

This summer there have been rememberance events all over the world. On August
29th, it is Brighton’s turn. We remind the people of Gaza that they are not forgotten. And we remind our own
government, and British business, that we will not rest until an arms embargo of
Israel is in place, and until UK big business divests from the Israeli military


Stop exporting arms to Israel!
Many of the deadly weapons used by Israel against the people of Gaza were sold
to Israel by arms manufacturers in the UK, with the active endorsement of the UK
government. In 2014 alone, UK arms exports to Israel were worth £40 million.

Stop importing arms from Israel!
Israel is one of the leading arms exporters in the world. It is able to make
huge profits from arms sales, including to the UK, because it markets its
weapons as ‘battle tested’ – primarily against Palestinians in Gaza and the West

The UK government is complicit in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian
people, and will continue to be so as long as it trades arms with Israel. We demand that this trade stop immediately.

Barclays Bank is complicit in war crimes – Boycott Barclays!
Barclays invests heavily in the arms trade. It is the named shareholder in
several major arms firms including Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing.

Barclay’s will only divest from the deadly arms trade if its customers show that
they disapprove. This tactic worked in the case of Barclays’ investments in
Apartheid South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s, and it can work in the case of
Israeli war crimes now.

If you’re a Barclays customer, close your account and tell the company why you
have switched to a more ethical bank such as the Co-operative Bank.